Who is this guy?

The bits you can guess are that I am a biker, who climbs the odd hill or two and also writes about Scotch whisky. I even have a publishing company that covers that subject fairly well. I have two kids who are far more talented than me and am divorced and living in Glasgow. That’s all you’re getting for now.

You can contact me at neil@nwp.co.uk

So now you know who I am.


§ 2 Responses to Who is this guy?

  • aileen Watson says:

    Well done! Love it. Do more. x

  • Thanks for the mention. I’m delighted you found The Devil’s Plantation because that’s the whole point of it – to find it by chance and decide to go on the journey.

    I didn’t set out to make it conspicuously spooky – it just seemed to happen over the course of the two and a bit years it took me to make it. But other people have commented on the eerie tone of the site, so I can’t argue.

    In fact, at the very end of Chapter 54, I think, which is The Saltmarket, it was only after I did a late night edit in my shed did I realise that in the fenced-off Paddy’s Market, you can see a door open and close when plainly no one was there and it was a windless day. Spooky indeed.

    Thanks again for pointing people to my site. And your blog is great – good for you!!


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